Picture if you will a world not so different from the one your experiencing right now, the difference? Your grandparents are watching commercials during the I love Lucy show for marijuana.

Right after the dancing Alka Seltzer kid you have”Tommy” a talking pot leaf who touts the benefits of a nice afternoon smoke, an early morning wake & bake, or a late night Ed Sullivan and chill.

Meet Thomas Horatio Cabot, the mascot from Cabot’s Marijuana Cigarettes, “Producer of the finest strains in the American West” or so the tag line goes.

Imagine him dancing and singing the praises of Cabot’s ” propriety blend of Indica and Sativa strains to achieve the perfect smoke all day buzz.

Longing to relive the old days of Potvertising? Now you can, transported all the way from the 50’s right to your shirt. Amazing huh… just click one of the links below to get one of your very very own.

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