One in a series of shirts designed to show the Alchemy Symbols used on the outside of the “Meritech Prosthetics Company” where the “glass eye” is made in Umbrella Academy.

IRL the building is actually the University of Toronto.

Shown here is Huile de Succin, or Succin Oil. Oil of succinate. Succinic acid, spirit of amber, was obtained many centuries ago by distillation of amber.

Umbrella Acadamy for those that don’t know is on Netflix you should check it out. For those that already love the show and can’t wait for season two, this is from

While The Umbrella Academy season 2 was confirmed by Netflix in April 2019 and shooting wrapped in November 2019, the streaming service is yet to confirm when the show will return to our screens. The closest Netflix has come to a clue is saying it’s “Coming Soon” back in October 2019 – which, frankly, could mean any time in 2020. 

Visit this link banner below and check out the other 16 symbols, their names, etc.

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