Is there a Nevada thing? The slogan, Battle Born is certainly a thing, the slogan wasn’t fought for as you might think, it was rather awarded. Nevada being the only state that was admitted to the Union during the Civil War.

Did you know that Nevada holds the world record for longest most expensive telegram? In 1864 the new Nevada constitution was sent over telegraph for close to 4000$ in the late 1800’s that was nearly 60,000$ But Lincoln really wanted Nevada’s two new electoral votes. Nevada was rushed into statehood without even having the required at the time 60,000 residents to achieve statehood, having only about 10,000 at the time of singing.

The Nevada Club mascot watched over gamblers in downtown Reno for over 50 years until the casino closed in 1998. “Bucky Buckaroo” was designed by Lew Hymers. The largest of the Bucky signs was 9 feet high and 7 feet wide, rendered in porcelain and neon, also known as Nevada Bob, he’s a classic example of Hymers’ caricature style that was all over Nevada in the 40’s

Bucky rendered here looks just as friendly and welcoming as he did over the door to the Nevada Club, share your love of the old west, old Reno, or vintage gambling on a T-Shirt, hoodie, or anything. Just click a banner link below and check out all the things you can put Bucky on.

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