Wicker is obviously a Metaluna mutant from this island earth…During the golden age of comic books on the back pages you could find ads for latex and rubber masks. Only $2 and a SASE! What you got was likely not quite as advertised but nothing beats the dreams of childhood.

They land safely on Metaluna, but the planet is under attack by Zagon starships guiding meteors as weapons against them. The defensive “ionization layer” is failing, and the battle is entering its final stage. Metaluna’s leader, the Monitor, reveals that the Metalunans intend to flee to Earth, then insists that Meacham and Adams be subjected to a Thought Transference Chamber in order to subjugate their free will, which he indicates will be the fate of the rest of humanity as well upon Metalunan relocation. Exeter believes that this is immoral and misguided.

you might not be able to wear the mask on your head anymore, but you can were it on your chest. Join the Metalunan space for today with your own Metaluna Monster Mask print from one of our galactic partners below.

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