It’s no easy job being the inimitable BJ Blazkowicz, and sometimes you just need to step back and crack open a cool one, or rather a “Kühle” one.

But what drink would BJ choose, with all these flavors in the machine available. Would he go for the refreshing sour taste of Limonen Quelle

or the crisp apple taste of Apfelbrause!

Ultimately he’d likely go for everyone’s favorite shot of pep SUPERSAFT Cause as you know, it’s a lot of work being BJ Blazkowicz

Sadly outside of the Castle Wolfenstein we can’t enjoy the many choice beverages that BJ can, but we can promote ’em, each of the bottlecap designs above is available on a fine fitting cotton T-Shirt. Click the banner below to be carried off to the store, or click each design above to go right to that item. GOT IT?!

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