The relative scarcity of bottle caps made them a perfect currency in the Fallout series. This led me to explore the art of bottle caps…Probably only Bert from Sesame Street might appreciate this project. Look beyond the big-name brands of soda pop and you will find a whole world of long-lost vintage lesser-known flavors. Doomed by sloppy bookkeeping, or poor marketing decisions, or sudden changes in ingredients costs and legal finagling despite consumers who may have liked or disliked their flavors. So, raise a glass to the long-lost sodas of the past who produced a whole rainbow of their own private label flavors. Here are a few soda pop brands you will likely never have the pleasure of tasting ever again:

The process of restoring a vintage design, often from only a photo of a rusty bottle cap. These restorations bring the graphics to a point few if any consumers could have seen. Thanks to early printing process and even early bottle cap printing process it’s unlikely any of the distributed designs were ever seen at their best.

But thanks to modern design tools and modern printing methods, we can have these designs printed on everything from the universally popular T-Shirts and hoodies all the way to shower curtains, and upholstery fabric. 

The every growing collection now consists of over 50 unique designs, separated into series. 

Starting with; Series One, series of six. 

  • Dr. Swett’s Root Beer was a very well-known New England area soft drink, which achieved great success years ago.  The brand itself started in the mid 1800’s and lasted over 100 years, proving the product has staying power.  I love this particular stoneware syrup dispenser from the Dr. Swett brand.   (read more)
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