Halloween 3, the John Carpenter produced classic that stands all by itself in the massively fabulously successful franchise, which is how it was intended.  The quiet Halloween as some call it, a sharp departure is what the producer intended for all the films actually. His vision was for a new movie each year on Halloween called Halloween, but the stories would all be different, separate. 

Halloween 3 is the tale of the Resurrection of the age of witchcraft; Samhain, a return to the old ways, via the sacrifice of innocents. In this case via thousands of micro-chipped masks that will be activated by a TV signal.

The three masks, a witch, a jack-o-lantern, and a Frankenstein’s monster are depicted in this design much as they might have been in the ad encouraging kids to “Watch for the Big Giveaway at 9pm” 

This and other great Halloween designs are available by trick or treating one the partner links below.

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